Fall Applications 2019-2020

  • Application Deadline:

    • September 18th 2019


The Role of a Fellow

The Fellows program is an opportunity for MIT graduate students and postdocs to coach and mentor aspiring student entrepreneurs.

Sandbox Fellows work in pairs or alongside with an experienced mentor to learn while they also provide guidance to teams.

To apply please fill out our application.


The Sandbox Fellows program is open to all MIT graduate students and post-docs who have completed entrepreneurship coursework and/or have equivalent industry experience.

FORMAL TRAINING (coursework):

  • Foundational Entrepreneurship (e.g. 15.901/6.901, 10.02)

  • Product Design and Manufacturing Processes (e.g. 2.009, 6.902, 3.086)

  • Finance

  • Industry-specific courses (e.g. energy, healthcare, think tank)

  • I-Corps Training


  • Practical knowledge of founding a company

  • Work experience in a startup

  • Team coaching and mentoring experience

  • Sandbox or deltaV participation



  • 3-5 hours of work per week, including:

    • Scheduling mentor meetings

    • Holding mentor meetings and answering team questions

    • Attending Sandbox training sessions and fellow meetings

    • Reviewing Sandbox applications

    • Providing feedback on Sandbox teams