JUNE 2018

Leuko Labs: Measures white blood cell levels in home, non-invasively. Won $100K at MassChallenge Pulse. Tested the device in 11 patients at MGH and a Madrid hospital, after receiving significant grants.

Yellowstone Energy: Reactivity Control Device for Advanced Reactors:   Receives $2.5M+ from Department of Energy

Mayflower Venues: : The AirBnb for non-traditional wedding sites. Raised $450K in funding.

Aam (aavia): Connected hardware device enabling 9.7M U.S. women taking Birth Control Pill from missing a dose. Finalist in MassChallenge Pulse  

Insemble: Retail focused anti-theft, cashier-less checkout systems. Co-Founder, Colin Webb, was appointed to The MIT Corporation (the Institute’s board of trustees) as a full-term members, serving for five years.

EctoTherm: Creating a thermal resonator (TR-1) that can translate diurnal temperature fluctuations into electricity. Chosen as a finalist in the NE and National Department of Energy


MAY 2018

Mapify: Social travel platform where people can visualize, find and plan travel experiences: Presents at Start-up Battlefield Europe Finals

Esher Reality: Enabling cross-platform, multiplayer AR games that save digital objects in the real world: Acquired by Niantic (Pokémon Go creator) and donates back to Sandbox.

Droplet.io: Electric fields to manipulate droplets on a surface to enable high-volume, low-cost biology experiments. MIT News

Iterative Scopes: Provides gastroenterologists with machine learning-powered diagnostic tools that help them prevent colon cancer. Won the $10,000 Booz Allen Hamilton Data Analytics Prize at MIT’s $100K Launch competition.  Awarded one of the TMCx Life Science Accelerator Prizes

Solstice: Provides community solar so that every household can participate in solar energy.  Has paying customers and has raised $2M; Massachusetts Clean Energy Commission (MassCEC), announced $50K investment;    $816K came from DOE funding


APRIL 2018

Farmwise: Smart and autonomous robots to solve the problem of weeds in agriculture, saving farmers time and money. Raised $10.2M. Working on delivering their first machines summer 2018.

Revive- Med: AI-Driven Metabolomic Platform for Drug Discovery. Raises $1.5M in VC finance. Featured speaker at MIT Intelligence Quest Launch. Pitched to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at MIT Solve.

Legit: Uses AI to speed up the process of applying for patents and other intellectual property protections. Closed a $2.6 million seed round

Mesodyne: High-energy-density, ultra-quiet portable power generator that reduces the battery load of soldiers. Founder Veronika Stelmakh chosen to join Department of Energy’s (DOE) Chain Reaction Innovations (CRI) entrepreneurial program.  

Leuko Labs: Measures white blood cell levels in home, non-invasively. Tested the device in 11 patients at MGH and a Madrid hospital,   after receiving significant grants.  

OZÉ: Empowering African small business owners to make decisions by analyzing transaction data using a mobile app. WInner of MIT IDEAS Global Challenge.  Also, Wins $150k in prizes at the Rice Business Plan CompetitionWon Top Prize in MIT $100K Accelerate competition. Winner of MIT ilab Social Impact & Cultural Enterprise Track

Loop: Preventing pressure sores for those in wheelchairs in developing countries:   

PreserveAir: Developing climate field storage and transport services for farmers to minimize dehydration losses

Capiche: developing an education discussion platform that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate student learning.

STEMgem:  Device toolkit that allows learners to create real, useful and relevant technology. Winner of MIT ilab Open Track: STEMgem

DeepBench: Matching Clients and Advisors faster and better than ever before. MITSloan News

Takachar:  A small-scale, decentralized biomass pre-processing system for use in agricultural or remote areas in developing economies.  Awarded $65K as part of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s (MassCEC) Catalyst program.


MARCH 2018

Biobot Analytics: Develops cutting-edge technology to bring wastewater epidemiology to cities.  Helping to fight the Opioid epidemic.   Interviewed by VCGC.

Need-A-Knee, LLC: A Transfemoral Rotator for the Developing World.  Raised over $50,000 of equity-free financing.

Drones for Humanity: Powers relief organizations with technology to deliver aid when every second counts.  Received over $60K in funding and mentorship support.



Lightmatter:  Makes photonic chips that essentially perform calculations at the speed of light.   Raised $11M in Funding with lead investors Matrix and Spark Capital.

CassVita: Processes cassava and turns it into more preservable and durable finished products such as flour, beer, etc.   Scaling up and selling in Cameroon, West Africa.  MIT Admissions



CozyKin: Pairing families, then matching with Montessori trained nannies in-home, higher quality, lower cost childcare. Won $100K in MassChallenge 2017. Also nearly finished raising Seed Round.

W8X:  Uses robotics to improve weight lifting system, empowering athletes to reach their limits.  Won $50K as MassChallenge finalist



Kytopen:  Developing an automated cell engineering platform to accelerate discovery of bioengineered chemicals  Accepted into MIT The Engine

Base Operations: Making security transparent, helping people in cities with high crime rates and poor access to accurate information.  Won Microsoft Patent Program for Women


MAY 2017

Multiply Labs:  Making personalized nutritional supplements. Raised over $3M seed round. 2016 YCombinator, 

Lightmatter: Winner $100K, MIT $100K Competition Launch Competition:

CareMobile Transportation: Empathy-driven, medical transportation, Finalist - 3rd place, MIT $100K Competition Launch Competition

NeuroMesh: Providing managed security and intelligence for IoT devices, Finalist, MIT $100K Competition Launch Competition

Rendever: VR platform to provide aging population with cognitive stimulation, socialization and immersive therapeutic experience, Finalist, MIT $100K Competition Launch Competition


APRIL 2017

Tactile: First dedicated text-to-Braille converter.  Won $10K at MIT Lemelson. Forbes Magazine covered teams win MIT IDEAS Global Challenge 2016

Hey, Charlie: When recovery for opioid dependency, helping change the individual’s social environment. Won top $15K Prize at MIT Global IDEAS Challenge. MassChallenge/Pulse winner in 2016



NeuroMesh - A managed security and intelligence platform for IoT and Industrial IoT devices.  Second place in MIT’s $100K Accelerate Competition.



Pison Technology:  Capturing and filtering signals sent to the nervous system, used for VR and neuro-degenerative diseases such as ALS.  Won $400K award of the ALS Assistive Technology Challenge.  MIT News.

Relativity6:  AI Machine Learning Company to more accurately predict customer behavior and help reactivates lapsed customers.  Bootstrapping having secured a major $1M contract