MIT Sandbox Funding Board

The MIT Sandbox Funding Board is made up of individuals and organizations that sponsor the Sandbox program. It includes members from around the world and spans foundations, large companies, small companies, individual entrepreneurs, investors, and government laboratories.

The Board provides guidance and feedback to the students and makes funding decision recommendations to the MIT Sandbox Executive Director.


Institute Members


Jinane Abounadi SM ‘90, PhD ‘98

Jinane Abounadi is Executive Director of the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund Program. She brings a unique combination of experiences, from academic research to senior operational and strategic roles in start-up companies and large businesses. After completing her graduate work, she worked as a research scientist at BBN and as a postdoctoral lecturer at MIT, and advised undergraduate and graduate students.

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She held leadership roles in two of the most successful local Boston area start-ups, ITA Software and Kayak, where she gained deep knowledge about the travel technology sector. Most recently, she ran a global portfolio of 3rd party products for Travelport, giving her the opportunity to establish partnerships with companies across the globe and to advise and evaluate a number of start-ups in the travel sector.

Abounadi earned her PhD in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, a BS in electrical engineering from Caltech, and a BA from Bryn Mawr College. She has several publications in the fields of machine learning and communication networks and is passionate about teaching and working with college students. As a long-time housemaster at MIT, she has gained extensive experience in student life.  She lives in Cambridge with her husband and three children. Outside of her professional life, she volunteers at her children’s schools. She served on the Board of trustees of Shady Hill School for six years, served on the founding school committee of the Center of Arabic Culture, and spends her free time cheering and supporting her children’s sports team.


Dean Anantha Chandrakasan

Anantha P. Chandrakasan is the dean of the MIT School of Engineering and the Vannevar Bush Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is devoted to sustaining and enhancing the School’s position of leadership in the world with policies and practices that accelerate scientific discovery and the application of knowledge for the betterment of humankind.

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Born in Chennai, India, Chandrakasan moved to the United States while in high school. His mother was a biochemist and Fulbright scholar. Spending time in her labs inspired his love of research and open-ended problem-solving. He earned his bachelor’s (1989), master’s (1990), and doctoral (1994) degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California, Berkeley. After joining the MIT faculty, he was the director of the Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) from 2006 until he became the head the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 2011, a position that concluded with his appointment as dean in July 2017.

Chandrakasan is passionate about facilitating exciting opportunities. During his six-year tenure as head of MIT’s largest academic department, he spearheaded a number of initiatives that enabled students, postdocs, and faculty to conduct research, explore entrepreneurial projects, and engage with EECS. For students, one of these included the Advanced Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, known as “SuperUROP,” a year-long independent research program that provides tools for students to do publication-quality research. It was launched in EECS in 2012 and expanded to the whole School of Engineering in 2015.

In addition, Chandrakasan is committed to advancing diversity and the enhancement of the student experience. While at the helm of EECS, he created the Rising Stars program, an annual event that convenes graduate and postdoc women for the purpose of sharing advice about the early stages of an academic career. He initiated Postdoc6, which aims to foster a sense of community for postdocs and help them develop skills that will serve their careers. And he created Start6, which expanded to StartMIT, an independent activities period (IAP) class, provides students and postdocs the opportunity to learn from and interact with industrial innovation leaders.

To advance the frontiers of STEM education, Chandrakasan is exploring how to best use different kinds of novel teaching methods. In 2014, EECS developed one of the first certificate-granting courses for MITx, the Institute’s massive open online course (MOOC) effort, in support of XSeries, which provides integrated offerings that help reimagine the building blocks that structure learning in the digital environment. Last fall, EECS and the Office of Digital Learning piloted a full-credit online course for a small cohort of students on campus, who gave the experience strong marks for providing flexibility and reducing stress.

Like MIT as a whole, Chandrakasan is committed to supporting the conversion of discoveries and inventions into practical technologies, products, and services in the world. As such, he has a long-standing interest in creating opportunities for innovation outside the lab. He is a board member and chair of the MIT advisory committee dealing with MIT policies for The Engine, a new accelerator launched by MIT to support startup companies working on scientific and technological innovation with the potential for transformative societal impact.

Apart from his administrative roles, Chandrakasan has produced a significant body of research since joining the MIT faculty in 1994. It has focused largely on making electronic circuits more energy efficient. His early work on low-power chips for portable computers helped make possible the development of today’s smartphones and other mobile devices. More recently, his research has addressed the challenge of powering even more energy-constrained technologies, such as the “internet of things” that would allow many everyday devices to send and receive data via networked servers while being powered from a tiny energy source.

From 2010–2018, he served as Conference Chair of the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), the foremost global forum for the presentation of advances in solid-state circuits and systems-on-a-chip. He is a recipient of awards including the 2009 Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) University Researcher Award, the 2013 IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in Solid-State Circuits, an honorary doctorate from KU Leuven in 2016, and the UC Berkeley EE Distinguished Alumni Award in 2017. He was also recognized as the author with the highest number of publications in the 60-year history of the IEEE ISSCC. A fellow of IEEE, in 2015 he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering, and in 2019 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Chandrakasan also leads the MIT Energy-Efficient Circuits and Systems Group, whose research projects have addressed security hardware, energy harvesting, and wireless charging for the internet of things; energy-efficient circuits and systems for multimedia processing; and platforms for ultra-low-power biomedical electronics.

As dean, Chandrakasan aims to build a culture that emphasizes meritocratic openness to talent and ideas from all over the world, vibrant intellectual exchange, and interdisciplinary collaborations around complex societal problems, such as energy, water, food, transportation, security, health, environmental quality, and economic development. His leadership style emphasizes listening to and integrating the views of faculty and students into a shared vision.

Chandrakasan will rely on these established values as he guides a school that educates almost three-quarters of MIT’s undergraduates and half of the graduate students across eight departments, two campus-wide institutes, and dozens of laboratories and research centers that operate under the broad umbrella of the school or within individual departments. Affiliated academic programs include MIT Professional Education, the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program, among others. Just over a third of MIT’s faculty members are in the school and they account for more than half of the sponsored research at the Institute.

Chandrakasan lives in Belmont, Massachusetts, with his wife and three children, the oldest of whom graduated from MIT in 2017.


Trish Cotter

Trish Cotter is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at MIT and Director of MIT delta v, the Institute’s educational accelerator program run out of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship where she mentors students through the accelerator process for their start-up ventures. In addition, she is a lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management on topics related to entrepreneurship.

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Prior to MIT, Trish was an executive at IBM after they acquired Netezza (a data analytics provider) in 2010 for $1.8B. She was the President Netezza LLC, SVP of Operations and a company officer at Netezza. Prior to Netezza, she was the VP of Manufacturing and a company officer at Visual Networks; a company she helped take public in 1998. Trish has a background in engineering, and has held various engineering and management positions at Honeywell, Computervision, Sun Microsystems and Stratus.

Trish has earned a BA in Business Administration from Boston College, an MBA from Northeastern University, an AMP from Harvard Business School, and a M.Ed. and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. After completing her doctorate in work-based learning at the University of Pennsylvania in 2014, she thought it might be interesting for the next chapter of her life to merge two of my passions – education and entrepreneurship – which have come together nicely at MIT.

Michael J. Cima.jpg

Prof. Michael Cima

Michael J. Cima, the co-director of the Innovation Initiative and associate dean of innovation at MIT’s School of Engineering, works with colleagues in the School of Engineering and across all five schools in developing the next generation of innovators.

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A professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Cima, the David H. Koch Professor of Engineering, has an appointment at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. He studied chemistry and chemical engineering at the University of California at Berkeley and joined the MIT faculty in 1986. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2011 and to the National Academy of Inventors in 2016.

Cima is a recognized expert in the field of materials processing. He is actively involved in materials and engineered systems for improvements in human health, such as treatments for cancer, metabolic diseases, trauma, and urological disorders. He is also a co-inventor of MIT’s three-dimensional printing process, co-founder of four companies in the health-technologies field, and advisor to the MIT Glass Lab.

As co-director of the MIT Innovation Initiative, Cima helps to equip the MIT community and its partners to move powerful ideas from conception to impact. Cima’s passion for both invention and the advancement of educational opportunities is also signaled by his ongoing commitment as faculty director of the Lemelson-MIT Program, which recognizes outstanding inventors, encourages sustainable new solutions to real-world problems, and enables and inspires young people to pursue creative lives and careers through invention.

Fiona Murray.jpg

Prof. Fiona Murray

Fiona Murray is the William Porter (1967) Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship, the Associate Dean for Innovation, Co-Director of the Innovation Initiative, Faculty Director of the Legatum Center, and recently appointed as a Member of the UK Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology (CST).

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She is an international expert on the transformation of investments in scientific and technical innovation into innovation-based entrepreneurship that drives jobs, wealth creation, and regional prosperity.  Murray has a special interest in how policies, programs, and relationships between academia and industry can be designed to accelerate the productive role of universities in their local entrepreneurial ecosystem.  These include intellectual property issues as well as broader programs that enable technology transfer and commercialization.

A former scientist trained at Harvard University and the University of Oxford, Murray has taught and published extensively on fostering cultures that bridge scientific innovation and entrepreneurship, building effective entrepreneurial strategies for science-based businesses (in biotech and biomedical companies and recently, clean energy), and evaluating the commercial potential of novel scientific ideas.  Closely tied to real world problems, Fiona works with science-based startups on their commercialization strategy as well as a range of firms designing global organizations that are both commercially successful and at the forefront of science.  These firms seek to leverage the ideas of a wide range of internal scientists, external innovators accessed through traditional research contracts, as well as “Open Innovation” mechanisms including innovation prizes.  Her recent engagements have focused on relationships that span the public and private sectors.  She is particularly interested in new emerging organizational arrangements for the effective commercialization of science, including public-private partnerships, not-for-profits, venture philanthropy, and university-initiated seed funding and innovation-focused competitions and prizes.

The courses Murray teaches at the MIT Sloan School of Management – Innovation Teams (15.371), and New Enterprises (15.390) – encourage cross-campus collaborations that move scientific discoveries closer towards marketable products.  She also has a particular interest in the entrepreneurial education of scientists and engineers, and in the role of women in entrepreneurship and commercialization of science.

In the same spirit of science and business collaboration, in 2001 Murray was one of the cofounders of the Biomedical Enterprise Program (MBS-MS), a joint program between the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST) and the MIT Sloan School of Management.  She served on the Curriculum Development Committee for the program, has been on its Faculty Committee since 2002, and is now an Affiliated Professor in HST.  She also works closely with the School of Engineering’s Deshpande Center which provides Proof of Concept funding and advice for early-stage research with commercial potential.

Fiona has spoken at events worldwide about building entrepreneurial capacity based upon the engine of scientific research.  She also speaks in academic and policy settings on innovation and intellectual property in the scientific community.  She has been published in a wide range of journals, including ScienceNatureNew England Journal of MedicineNature BiotechnologyResearch PolicyOrganization Science, and the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Murray has served on the faculty at MIT Sloan since 1999.  In 2006 she was promoted to Associate Professor in the Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship Strategic Management Group.  Previously, Murray held positions at Harvard University, the University of Oxford, the Asian Development Bank, and United Nations Environment Program in Kenya.

Murray received her BA ’89 and MA ‘90 from the University of Oxford in Chemistry. She subsequently moved to the United States and earned an AM ’92 and PhD ’96 from Harvard University in Applied Sciences.

Leon Sandler.png

Leon Sandler

As Executive Director of the Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation, Leon Sandler wears many hats: He is responsible for guiding the center’s strategic direction, ensuring successful execution of its mission, and managing day-today operations.

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With a strong background in the assessment of technologies for commercialization, Mr. Sandler leads a process the center calls “select, direct and connect”. Through this process, faculty research projects are chosen to receive Deshpande Center grants, based on a project’s potential commercial and social impact. Research teams then receive intensive guidance in how to bring their inventions to the marketplace and form new spinout companies.

Among his related duties Mr. Sandler mentors faculty and student researchers, coaches and lectures on technology innovation and entrepreneurship at the MIT Trust Entrepreneurship Center and the MIT Sloan executive education program, advises organizations around the world on how to move technologies from the lab to the marketplace, and serves as the Deshpande Center’s fundraiser-in-chief, responsible for keeping the center on a sound financial footing. 

To ensure the success of all these activities, Mr. Sandler builds and continually renews a broad network of relationships. These include connections within MIT’s well-developed entrepreneurial ecosystem and external ties with venture capitalists, corporate supporters, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Before joining the Deshpande Center in 2006, Leon Sandler held senior positions in general management, marketing, finance and business development at companies such as Boston Consulting Group, Eastman Kodak, Texas Instruments and Digital Equipment Corporation. He founded the consulting firm Monmouth Group, where he provided management, marketing and business development assistance to over twenty early-stage companies. This included co-founding and serving as the CEO of Nuvonyx, a maker of industrial laser systems; serving as CEO of several start-ups; and assisting many ventures as an interim executive or advisor.

Mr. Sandler received his B.S. degree in 1971 and his M.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1973 from Natal University in South Africa, and his M.B.A. in 1977 from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Alan G. Spoon SB & SM ’73

Alan G. Spoon received his SB and SM degrees in 1973 from MIT Sloan School of Management. He continued his education at Harvard Law School, where he received his JD in 1976.

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Since 2000, Spoon has been Managing General Partner (2000-10) and General Partner (2010-present) at Polaris Partners, LLC, a diversified national venture capital firm with investments in information technology and life sciences enterprises. From 1993 to 2000, Spoon was President of The Washington Post Company, a diversified media company. From 1991 to 1993, he was Chief Operating Officer. He was a member of The Post Company’s Board of Directors from 1991 to 2000.

Previously, Spoon was President of Newsweek and supervising executive for Post-Newsweek (Television) Stations. He also served as Chief Financial Officer at the Post Company; Vice President, Marketing at The Washington Post; and Vice President, Planning and Development at The Post Company. Before joining The Post in 1982, he  was a Vice President at the Boston Consulting Group in Boston and Chicago.

Spoon and his wife, Terri, live in Wellesley, Massachusetts. They have three children.


Vice Chancellor Ian Waitz

Ian A. Waitz is the Vice Chancellor and Jerome C. Hunsaker Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has been on the faculty at MIT since 1991, serving as the department head of Aeronautics and Astronautics from 2008 to early 2011, and as dean of the School of Engineering from 2011 until June 2017.

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Waitz has made advances in gas turbine engines, fluid mechanics, combustion, and acoustics. The principal focus of his current work is on the modeling and evaluation of climate, the air-quality and noise impacts of aviation, and the assessment of technological, operational, and policy options for mitigating these impacts. He is the director of the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction (PARTNER), an FAA, NASA, DOD, EPA and Transport Canada-sponsored Center of Excellence with participants from a dozen universities and 50 industry and government organizations. In addition to scholarly publications, Waitz has contributed to several influential policy documents and scientific assessments including a report to the US Congress on aviation and the environment. He holds three patents, and has consulted for many organizations. In 2003, Waitz received a NASA Turning Goals Into Reality Award for Noise Reduction, and in 2007 he was awarded the FAA Excellence in Aviation Research Award. He is a fellow of the AIAA, and an ASME and ASEE member.

Waitz teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the fields of thermodynamics and energy conversion, propulsion, and experimental projects. He was honored with the 2002 MIT Class of 1960 Innovation in Education Award and an appointment as an MIT MacVicar Faculty Fellow in 2003.

Waitz received his BS in 1986 from the Pennsylvania State University, his MS in 1988 from George Washington University and his PhD in 1991 from the California Institute of Technology.


Independent Members


Noubar Afeyan PhD ’87

Noubar Afeyan is founder, Senior Managing Partner and CEO of Flagship Ventures, a leading early stage venture capital firm. He also leads the firm’s VentureLabs unit that invents and launches transformative startups. He is a Senior Lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management where he has taught courses on technology-entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership since 2000.

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Dr. Afeyan has authored numerous scientific publications and patents since earning his Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from MIT in 1987. He lectures widely in the United States and internationally on diverse topics ranging from entrepreneurship, innovation and venture capital to biological engineering, drug discovery, medical technologies and renewable energy.

During his 28-year career as inventor, entrepreneur, CEO and venture capitalist, Afeyan has co-founded and helped build over 35 successful life science and technology startups. He was founder and CEO of PerSeptive Biosystems, a leader in the bio-instrumentation field that grew to over $100M in annual sales within six years from its first sales. After PerSeptive’s acquisition by Perkin Elmer/Applera Corporation in 1998, he was Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer of Applera, where he initiated and oversaw the creation of Celera Genomics.

Currently Afeyan serves on a number of public and private company boards including CiBO Technologies, Epiva BioSciences, Evelo BioSciences, Joule Unlimited, Kaleido BioSciences, Moderna Therapeutics, Pronutria Biosciences and Seres Therapeutics. Previously, he was a member of the founding team, director and investor in several highly successful ventures including Chemgenics Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Millennium Pharmaceuticals), Color Kinetics (acquired by Philips), Adnexus Therapeutics (acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb) and Affinnova (acquired by AC Nielsen).

Afeyan received a Technology Pioneer 2012 award from the World Economic Forum in recognition of the breakthrough solar fuel technology being developed at Joule Unlimited. He has served as Chairman of the Global Agenda Council on Chemicals, Advanced Materials and Biotechnology of the World Economic Forum as well as being a member of the Meta-Council on Emerging Technologies. He is a member of the Board of Overseers of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In addition, he serves on the board of AmeriaBank and of UWC Dilijan International School, both of Armenia. Previously, he was a co-founder and board member of the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia, a private-public partnership dedicated to promoting economic development in the former Soviet Republic of Armenia. In 2008 he received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, an award granted to outstanding Americans who have distinguished themselves as United States citizens and who have enabled their ancestry groups to maintain their identities while becoming integral parts of American life.

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Claude Amadeo ‘94

Claude Amadeo graduated from MIT in 1994 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  Since then, he has spent his entire career at Bridgewater Associates.  When he started with Bridgewater, Bridgewater Associates was a innovative, niche investment management company with only about 30 people.  Since then, it has grown to be one of the largest and most successful hedge funds and a leader in the space. 

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Originally, Claude worked as an Investment Associate, helping to build our fundamental and systematic investment models. Over time, he gravitated back to his technology roots, grappling with the intense demands for data, information, analytics, visualization and automation. He built out the 1.0 of Technology at Bridgewater - our applications, platforms, and infrastructure across the company. In addition, he built the company's  first technology organization. Claude has long since transitioned out of a management role and he is  now a Technology Fellow at Bridgewater with the responsibility to explore and draw in new, relevant technology ideas and give them shape.


Rajat Bhargava ’94

Rajat Bhargava is a 6-time entrepreneur with four exits (two IPOs, two trade sales, and two still private). He is a co-founder of Yesware. He was previously co-founder of Quova (acquired by Nuestar — NYSE: NSR), the market leader in Internet geolocation. Prior to Quova, Mr. Bhargava was co-founder of Interliant (public and subsequently acquired), a roll-up in the Web and application hosting space.

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Bhargava was also co-founder of Service Metrics (acquired by Exodus Communications), an Internet infrastructure company monitoring and measuring the performance of Internet operations. Mr. Bhargava started his career in 1994 by co-founding NetGenesis (public and subsequently acquired), one of the original Web-site analytics companies.

Bhargava is a graduate of MIT, with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and is an active angel investor.


Michelle Chen

Michelle Chen is the Chairwoman of Yongjin Group, a comprehensive holding company focusing in the financial services sector in China. 

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Yongjin Group has achieved remarkable performance outcomes during its twenty years of operation. As a financial giant in China, the group has numerous subsidiaries that, taken together, build a complete and competitive financial service chain. These subsidiaries include Sinolink Securities Co., Ltd (600109.SH)., Yunnan International Trust Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Yonghua Capital Ltd., among others. 

Michelle is especially interested in investing in the fields of healthcare, finance, education, and advanced manufacturing. Some of the group’s portfolio holdings in these areas include Kelun Pharmaceutical, Tigermed, LAM Therapeutics, Dada ABC,, Samoyed Financial, and Riyue Corp. 

Michelle has been a visiting scholar at Harvard University and Stanford University.

Ujjaval Desai.png

Ujjaval Desai ‘94, MNG ‘94

Ujjaval Desai is an entrepreneur and private investor in financial services and fund management industry. Partner at Ares Management, a global asset management firm, from 2011 to 2017, overseeing $7 billion of assets in European Credit and Global Structured Credit businesses. Mr. Desai joined Ares in 2011 upon the sale to Ares of Indicus Advisors, an Alternative Investment Manager with over $2 billion AUM which Mr. Desai co-founded and co-managed since 2006.

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Prior to this, Mr. Desai was co-head of Structured Credit business at J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs in London and NY. He started his career at Goldman Sachs in 1996 in the Fixed Income Group working with insurance companies on structuring asset/liability solutions and portfolio optimization. Mr. Desai holds BS, MS and MEng degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.


Peter Farrell SM ‘67

Dr. Peter Farrell is Founder, former long-term CEO and Chairman of ResMed, Inc. He was formerly an academic at the University of New South Wales, Sydney and prior to that the University of Washington, Seattle.

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Before founding ResMed Peter was Vice President of R&D for Baxter, Japan and founded the Baxter Center for Medical Research in Sydney. He was named E&Y San Diego Entrepreneur of the Year for Health Sciences in 1998 and E&Y Australian Entrepreneur of the Year in 2001.

Dr. Farrell was admitted to the Order of Australia in 2004 and in 2005 was named E&Y United States Entrepreneur of the Year in Health Sciences. In 2012, Farrell was admitted to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering and in 2016 he was awarded the Chancellor’s Medal by the University of California San Diego.

Dr. Farrell was also the Chair of the Executive Council of Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine (2011-13) and is on the Visiting Committee of the Harvard/MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES). He holds degrees in chemical and/or biomedical engineering from the University of Sydney, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Washington, Seattle and the University of New South Wales and is the author of over 150 peer-reviewed research publications or books.


Antonio Ruiz Galindo

Antonio Ruiz Galindo is Chairman and CEO of Industrial Global Solutions de México S.A. de C.V. In 1970 he started his career in D.M. Nacional S.A. (an office furniture and automotive stamping company) in the area of administration and finance until he became the CEO of the company in 1976.

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In 1982 he became CEO of DESC Comercio Exterior S.A. de C.V. From 1986 to 1991 he became CEO and partner of FINACORP S.C. He became Managing Director of FIMSA Brokerage House in 1991 and acquired and became partner and CEO of a construction company, Ingeniería Integral S.A. de C.V. In 1997 he founded Industrial Global Solutions de México S.A. de C.V., (IGS).

He is member of the board and former Chairman of the Asociación Mexicana de Capital Privado A.C. (Mexican Private Equity Association), Chairman of Grupo RGT, S.A. de C.V. (Holding Company), member of the board of the AVANCE program sponsor by CONACYT AND NAFINSA (Development Banks in Mexico), member of the board of FIMEDER (Micro Financial Institution), member of the Board of Trustees of FOMENTO DE CULTURA A.C. (Iberoamericana University). He earned a BA in business administration from the Tecnológico de Monterrey.


Sameer Gandhi '87,SM '88

Sameer Gandhi joined Accel in 2008 and focuses on consumer, software and services companies. Sameer led Accel's early investments in Birchbox, Bonobos, Crowdstrike, (acquired by Amazon), DJI, Dropbox, Dropcam (acquired by Google), Jet (acquired by Walmart), Pearl Automation, Plex, Raise, Spotify, Venmo (acquired by Braintree), Grovo and Yapstone.

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Sameer works closely with Accel’s India team, and is involved in investments such as Flipkart, BookMyShow, Myntra, Freshdesk and Taxi4Sure (acquired by OLA) – some of India’s most prominent technology companies today. Prior to Accel, Sameer was a partner at Sequoia and led investments in companies like Barracuda Networks, Dropbox (initial seed), Gracenote, Trulia (acquired by Zillow) and Sourcefire.

Sameer is from Maryland and graduated from MIT and the Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Eugenio Garza-Herrera

Eugenio Garza-Herrera is a business leader who has devoted his professional career to growing companies, building start­-ups and promoting the private sector’s interest through his involvement in national and state business organizations. During Mexico’s economic transformation, Mr. Garza-Herrera led one of Mexico’s largest industrial conglomerates, Xignux S.A. de C.V. for more than two decades, serving as both Chairman and CEO. Under his direction, Xignux expanded its markets through export operations, successfully undertook cost reduction and efficiency initiatives, and forged profitable joint ventures with General Electric, Sara Lee, and Yazaki Corporation.

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Today, Mr. Garza-Herrera serves as Chairman of the Board of Xignux. As chairman of the Mexican Council of Business (2010­‐2013), which brings together the CEOs of Mexico’s 40 largest companies, Mr. Garza-Herrera helped strategize and advocate for the business sector during a period of economic reform and the opening of new opportunities in the country. He continues to be a strong advocate for business in Mexico and, in particular, for the business community of Monterrey.

Mr. Garza-Herrera is a sought­-after expert for a range of companies and entities. He currently serves as a board member of: Banamex, Monterrey Tec (ITESM), Pak2Go, Arcelor Mittal México, Nemak, Cydsa, Endeavor, Corporación EG, the Regional Council of Mexico’s Central Bank, the Center of Art, Architecture and Design of the University of Monterrey, and Mexico Evalúa of the Center for Analysis of Public Policies. He currently chairs the Committee on Government Efficacy and Transparency for the State of Nuevo Leon’s Council on Strategic Planning.

In addition to serving as chairman of the Mexican Council of Business, Mr. Garza-Herrera has presided: the Council of Industry of Nuevo León (CAINTRA); the Mexico-Japan Council of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology; and, the Center for International Business of Monterrey (CINTERMEX).

Mr. Garza-Herrera has also served as a board member for these entities: the Monterrey Center for Productivity; NAFINSA (Mexico’s national development bank for industry), Grupo IMSA, Grupo Lamosa, Proeza, the Autlán Mining Company, Grupo Aeroméxico, Mitsui de México, and the Business Coordinating Council. He has served in a volunteer capacity for Hospicio Ortigosa and the City of Children of Monterrey.

Mr. Garza-­Herrera holds a Degree in Business Administration from Monterrey Tec (ITESM) and an MBA from the A.B. Freeman School of Business of Tulane University.


Daniel A. Gilbert ’91

Dan is the Chief Operating Officer of Brava Home, an IoT and domestic automation company that integrates technology and design to enable joyful experiences in the home -- starting with the kitchen.

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After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dan began his career in management consulting with McKinsey & Company and A.T. Kearney, later holding executive positions at leading technology companies including Webvan, Palm, and Cisco Systems. Before joining Brava, Dan served as the Executive Vice President of Operations and Customer Service at Barnes & Noble, helping to drive the company’s expansion into digital reading. Dan led the supply chain for the NOOK® product line, spanning new product introduction, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service.

Dan also serves as an Advisory Member of Motus Ventures, an accelerator focused on autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things, and has been an active member of the Band of Angels, Silicon Valley’s longest-standing angel investment group, since 2009. Dan’s philanthropic roles include serving as a Founding Contributor on the Funding Board of MIT’s Sandbox Innovation Fund, sitting on the MIT Corporation’s Visiting Committee for the Social Sciences and on the Corporation Development Committee, serving on the board of Kepler’s Literary Foundation, and supporting QuakeFinder’s search for electromagnetic patterns that will provide advance warning of earthquakes. He lives in Portola Valley, California with his wife, son, and daughter.


Erik Glover ‘02

Erik Glover is a Partner at Freedom 3 Capital and has more than 15 years of experience investing in levered buyouts, highly structured preferred equity and debt investments in middle market companies. Mr. Glover has facilitated over $800 million of equity and debt investment in 17 companies. He has been an active member of the board of directors of nine companies, where he has worked closely with management teams to drive growth, improve profitability, develop executive leadership and execute long-term strategic initiatives.

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Most recently, Mr. Glover was a Vice President based in New York for TPG Growth. He focused on investments in the software, healthcare, consumer and cleantech sectors.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Glover was a Principal at Fox Paine & Co. He focused on investments in the industrials, consumer products, agriculture and healthcare sectors. Prior to Fox Paine & Co., Mr. Glover was an Analyst at Goldman, Sachs & Co. focusing on mergers, leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations and restructurings. Mr. Glover received his BS in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Jeffrey S. Halis ‘76, SM ‘76

Jeffrey S. Halis is the founder, president, and CEO of Tyndall Management. Halis earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1976. He is founder, president, and CEO of Tyndall Management, an investment firm specializing in publicly traded securities. After graduating from MIT Sloan, he joined Citibank, where he spent five years on liability management. He then became an investment banker at Merrill Lynch, specializing in mergers and acquisitions.

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He then operated an investment fund on behalf of GTO Inc. until founding Tyndall. Halis has served on the Corporation’s Investment Management Company Board since 2014, and served on the Development Committee from 2003 to 2006. He has also served on the visiting committee for Brain and Cognitive Sciences since 2005.


Brian Hinman ‘84

Brian L. Hinman is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Co- Founder at Mimosa. For Brian, Mimosa is the culmination of a lifetime dedication to creating cutting-edge telecommunications products. Starting with video conferencing pioneer, PictureTel Corporation (formerly NASD: PCTL), and audio conferencing giant, Polycom (NASD: PLCM), Brian also led the way in the DSL industry as a founder of 2Wire (later acquired by Pace). Mimosa is the latest iteration of his vision to connect people through technology. In addition to his entrepreneurial efforts, Brian was also a Venture Partner at Oak Investment Partners where he focused primarily on investments in information technology and clean energy.

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An engineer by training, Brian is a specialist in digital signal processing and holds 30 patents in the telecommunications space. Brian has also served on the National Board of the American Electronics Association and was Director and Co-Founder of the International Multimedia T eleconferencing Consortium. In recognition of his entrepreneurial spirit, Brian has received multiple awards including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Brian holds a BSEE degree, summa cum laude, from the University of Maryland and created the Hinman CEOs Program at his undergraduate alma mater. He also holds an S.M.E.E. degree from M.I.T. and an honorary Sc.D. from R.I.T. 


Tabetha Hinman

As General Counsel, Chief Administrative Officer and Co-Founder at Mimosa, Tabetha touches all legal and human capital matters at the rapidly growing provider of cloud-managed, fiber-fast wireless solutions. Tabetha co-founded Mimosa in 2012 and believes strongly that Mimosa’s mission of expanding the reach of the internet is something that could ultimately benefit millions of people around the world, in both developed and developing countries.

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Prior to Mimosa, Tabetha served as a corporate and technology licensing attorney for various Silicon Valley companies, and held COO and General Counsel roles at 2Wire and PopSugar Inc. She also served as the Co-Chair of the MIT Public Service Center Leadership Council for over five years, where she advised on strategy and fundraising efforts.  

Tabetha started her career at Gunderson Dettmer where she worked on a wide spectrum of complex corporate transactions, focused on venture capital financings and start-up representation. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from UC San Diego and a J.D. from UCLA. 


Gary Hua

Dr. Gary Hua is a renowned expert in the global power electronics arena. He received his Ph. D from the Center for Power Electronics System (CPES) in Virginia Tech in 1994, and served as Research Associate and Scientist in CPES for 5 years, with over 70 papers published on international magazines and conference proceedings, and 30 US patents and 50 China patents awarded.

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Dr. Hua is a co-founder & former VP of Engineering of VPT Inc., which is now the largest military/aerospace power companies in the world. He is also the founder & former President of e-Power Co., Ltd, now a wholly-owned affiliate of the NASDAQ-listed Bel Fuse Inc.

In 2007, Dr. Hua founded Inventronics Inc., which is currently one of the largest companies in the world engaged in the design and manufacture of high efficiency, high reliability and long life LED drivers.  Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Inventronics employs more than 1600 people worldwide and has operations spanning Asia, North America and Europe.  In 2016, Inventronics became a public company in China. 

In December 2017, Dr. Hua founded 4D Bios Inc., which is focused on the design, manufacture, and marketing & Sales of LED vertical farming systems.  4D Bios aims to become a global leader in this high-tech new agriculture industry.


Zubin Irani ‘99

Zubin Irani is a Partner/ MD with TPG Capital and leads the Asia Operations Team based out of the Singapore office. He brings over 20 years' experience in building strong teams, driving performance and managing change within global businesses. Over the last 3.5 years at TPG, Zubin has been extensively involved in TPG’s investments in Vishal Megamart (India), Myanmar Distillery Company, Property Guru (SE Asia), WTT Telecommunications (HK), United Family Healthcare (China), Vietnam Australian School, Dodla Dairy (India), Novotech (Australia) and Nox Corporation (Korea). He has been actively involved in the management and board meetings across all these businesses. In his current role, Zubin is responsible for the operating performance of TPG’s portfolio in the Asia Pacific region which comprises of over 40 companies and an AUM exceeding USD 5B.

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Zubin joins TPG from United Technologies Corporation (UTC) where he most recently was the India Region President. While at UTC, Zubin was responsible for developing and executing strategies which resulted in an accelerated growth of UTC’s businesses in the region. These businesses included Carrier Air-conditioning and Refrigeration, Otis Elevators and UTC Fire & Security. Zubin joined UTC in 2005 as the Director for Strategy and Marketing at Carrier Asia Pacific. In this role he worked on growth strategies across various markets in Asia. Zubin started his career at McKinsey & Company, where he spent six years in the Cleveland, Detroit, Copenhagen and Mumbai offices, serving several multi-national clients in the automotive and industrial sector.

Zubin received his Masters in Materials Science and Engineering  from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his BTech in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Zubin currently serves on the executive committees (Excos) or boards of Property Guru, WTT, Pan Asia Towers/ Apollo Towers,  Fourth Partner Energy and NOX Corporation. He is a member of the YPO Delhi and Singapore Chapters.


Peter Levine

Peter Levine is a partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. He was previously senior vice president and general manager of the Data Center and Cloud Division at Citrix where he was responsible for revenue, product management, business development and strategic direction. Peter joined Citrix in 2007 through its $500 million acquisition of XenSource, the leading provider of enterprise-class open source virtualization software, where he served as CEO, leading its 600 employees and establishing strategic agreements for the XenServer product family with customers such as Microsoft, Symantec, HP, NEC and Dell.

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Prior to XenSource, Peter was a general partner at the Mayfield Fund. Before Mayfield, he was an early employee of VERITAS Software. During his 11-year tenure with the company, he helped to grow the organization to over 5,000 employees and more than $1.5 billion in revenue. Peter served as executive vice president and was responsible for worldwide marketing, OEM sales, business development and several product divisions. He began his career as a software engineer at Spectrum Software and was later a software engineer at MIT’s Project Athena.

Peter holds a B.S. in Engineering from Boston University and attended the Sloan School of Management at MIT. He is currently a management lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a former entrepreneurship lecturer at the Sloan School. Peter serves on the board of many companies including Actifio, Cyanogen, GitHub, Mesosphere, and Mixpanel, and is also on the board of trustees for Boston University and the National Outdoor Leadership Schoool (NOLS), and the Dean’s Advisory board for MIT Engineering.


Brian Miller

Mr. Brian P. Miller, CFA, is Chief Investment Officer at North Sound Management, Inc. Prior to founding the North Sound group of companies, he spent 21 years at Elliott Associates, a $22 Billion AUM hedge fund based in New York. When he retired from Elliott in July 2012 he was one of four equity partners and held the title of Chief Trading Officer.

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He was a member of Elliott’s Management Committee and also served on the Valuation Committee and Risk Committee. His responsibilities encompassed all of global trading, including structured products, commodities, fixed-income arbitrage and portfolio protection strategies. Prior to starting with Elliott in August 1991, he was a Vice President at Yamaichi International where he specialized in arbitrage strategies. He has a BS in Economics from the University at Albany.

Ramzi Rishani.jpg

Ramzi Youssef Rishani ’87

Ramzi Youssef Rishani is a Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer, Partner, and Director of Longview Partners LLP. He also serves as a Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Longview Partners (Guernsey) Ltd. Prior to co-founding the firm, Rishani spent spent nine years as a Portfolio Manager with the private wealth management division at Goldman Sachs. Prior to that, he spent three years at JP Morgan in New York as an Associate in equities and corporate finance. He has a B.Sc. from MIT and an M.B.A from Harvard Business School.


Hans Robertson ’99, MNG ’03

Hans Robertson co-founded and was the Chief Operating Officer of Meraki. Meraki created the first cloud-managed enterprise networking products, including wireless, security, and switching systems. The business ultimately grew to over $100M in annual sales before Cisco purchased the company for $1.2B in 2012. Following the acquisition Robertson was a Vice President at Cisco and helped run Meraki as an independent division, with 2015 sales of approximately $1B. Prior to founding Meraki he was a product manager at EMC and was an early employee at VMware. Robertson began his career as a business analyst at McKinsey & Co.

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Robertson served as a member of the board of directors at Stackdriver, a Boston-based software company acquired by Google in 2014. He is active as an investor and advisor to a number of young software companies.

Robertson holds an S.B. and M.Eng in Computer Science from MIT.


Jeff Ronne

As Director of Innovation for Advanced Vehicle and Powertrain Development at General Motors Company, Jeff is responsible for leading the development of future mobility solutions, integration of Immersive Technologies, concept vehicle development, managing GM’s Structured Innovation activities and leading GM’s Open Innovation centers at MIT and iHub.

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Jeff has over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. He began his professional career working in the supply chain before joining General Motors in 1996.  During this period, Jeff held a variety of positions in Occupant Safety, Restraint Systems Engineering, Energy and Drive Quality Integration, Vehicle Systems Engineering, Interior Trim Engineering and Advanced Vehicle Development.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Oakland University, Master of Science in Manufacturing Management from Kettering University and multiple patents for safety restraint systems.


Chris Schaepe '85, SM '87

Chris is a Partner of Lightspeed Venture Partners. He has over 20 years of venture capital experience and invests in areas including networking, storage, cloud, software/SaaS, big data as well as mobile technologies and applications. Chris has been named to the Forbes Midas List of top venture capital investors 11 times since its introduction in 2001. He has also backed over 10 first-time CEOs who have led their startup companies through successful IPOs. Chris has served as a director of a number of public companies including eHealth (EHTH), Fusion-io (FIO) and Riverbed Technology (RVBD) where he currently serves as Chairman of the Compensation Committee.

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Prior to Lightspeed, Chris was a General Partner of Weiss, Peck & Greer Venture Partners which he joined in 1991 to focus on seed and early-stage investments in technology companies. Previously, he worked in corporate finance and capital markets roles at Goldman, Sachs & Co. after serving as a software engineer at IBM. Chris holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Chris enjoys mentoring student entrepreneurs and is involved in a number of startup-related university programs. He also has an interest in children’s health and education and supports several non-profit organizations in these areas.


Emilie “Mimi” I. Slaughter ’87, SM ’88

Mimi has worked in areas covering a wide range of interests including Open Blue, a sustainable offshore ocean aquaculture farm in Panama, Mountain Roots, a local food company startup in Jackson Hole, Global Healthcare, a non-profit startup providing healthcare to remote areas in Nepal and Bali, and Teton Science Schools, an independent school connecting academics and learning through place-based education.

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In 2014, after investing in MotiveMetrics, Mimi joined the company full-time and moved to Palo Alto as Head of Product. MotiveMetrics is a startup SaaS product company that melds marketers' insight and creativity with the highly complex systems of digital marketing. Mimi is MIT class of ’88 SB,MS VI-1, and is a member of the MIT School of Engineering Dean’s Advisory Council, MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering Visiting Committee, and MIT Sandbox.


Frank Slaughter ’84

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of MotiveMetrics

Frank has over 25 years of success as an entrepreneur and investor in the technology industry. In 1985 Frank co-founded Shiva Corporation in Cambridge, MA. Shiva pioneered remote access networking, and partnered with Kleiner Perkins and Greylock to became a global computer networking equipment manufacturer that grew to sales of $150M and 500 employees, leading to a successful IPO in 1994.

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After leaving Shiva, Frank became an investor and board member for many successful startups including Arris Networks, Aptis, Altiga, eDial, and Teton Gravity Research. In 2014, after being a founding investor in MotiveMetrics, Frank joined the company full-time and moved to Palo Alto as CTO. MotiveMetrics is a startup SaaS product company that melds marketers' insight and creativity with the highly complex systems of digital marketing. Frank is MIT class of ’84 SB XVI, and is a founding board member of the MIT Sandbox.


Jeremy M. Wertheimer, SM ’89, PhD ’96

Jeremy Wertheimer founded and served as the CEO of ITA Software, a 400-person software company based in Cambridge, MA, that powers the airfare searches on the websites of American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Orbitz, Kayak et al. Google acquired ITA Software in 2011.

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Jeremy is now VP Engineering at Google. He is a trustee of Cooper Union, Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council and Maimonides school.

He received a BE in Electrical Engineering from Cooper Union, an SM from MIT in Computer Science, and a PhD from MIT in Artificial Intelligence, with a minor in Neuroscience.

Tom Wylonis2.png

Tom Wylonis SM ‘68

Tom has had four careers and several avocations, so far, obtaining a rich learning experience as an angel investor/mentor, educator, top-management consultant and engineer/mathematician.

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Angel Investor/Mentor: Tom is an angel investor in 10 high-tech companies in Denmark and the USA. Among these companies, he is currently board chairman & mentor to the founders of Evaxion Biotech, a bioinformatics, vaccine company headquartered in Denmark. And he is a board member and coach to the founders of Vertic, a digital marketing company, with offices in Copenhagen, New York City, Seattle and Singapore. He was was also the founding chairman of Connect Denmark, a foundation that supports a majority of high-tech startups in Denmark.

Management Consultant: Tom has had extensive experience in high-tech business during his 22-year, international career as a top management consultant with McKinsey & Co. He led teams that improved the performance of large, international companies through strengthened strategy, organization and operations. These clients covered a wide range of industries including aerospace, automobiles, consumer products, energy, forest products, industrial products, media, medical & pharmaceutical products, etc. in Canada, Europe, India, the USA and Venezuela. He is a retired senior partner and an active member, still, of the McKinsey network of alumni.

Engineer/Mathematician: In 1967, Tom joined The Bell Telephone Laboratories as a Member of Technical Staff. During his eight years at Bell Labs, Tom worked on network optimization algorithms, development of Picturephone®, and economic evaluation of new products. It was here that he learned about the differences between high-tech invention, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Tom received a BSc in Electrical Engineering in 1967 from Penn State. He obtained a MSc from MIT in Electrical Engineering/Operations Research in 1968. Tom was advised during his thesis work by Professor Franco Modigliani, a Nobel Prize winner in economics. He earned his PhD in Operations Research in 1972 from the New York University.

Jon Xu.jpg

Jon Xu ’01

Jon Xu co-founded and was the Chief Technology Officer of FutureAdvisor, an online service that makes quality investment management available to everyone. FutureAdvisor was acquired by BlackRock in 2015 where Jon continued to lead Product Design and Engineering as Managing Director in the Digital Wealth Group. 

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Prior to starting FutureAdvisor, Jon worked on mobile data synchronization protocols and Windows Mobile products at Microsoft. Jon is an active investor and advisor to startups and focuses his time giving back to the entrepreneurial community. Jon holds a degree in Computer Science from MIT.  


Corporate Impact Members


Robert Bond, Lincoln Labs

Robert A. Bond is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He is responsible for the development of the Laboratory's long-term technology strategy and the coordination of collaborative research with MIT campus.

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Prior to his appointment as CTO, Mr. Bond served as the Associate Head of the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance and Tactical Systems Division. In his career, he has focused on the research and development of high-performance embedded signal and image processors and algorithms. He has led research initiatives in a wide range of ISR computing technologies spanning custom very-large-scale integration (VLSI) circuits, parallel processors, nonlinear signal processing, graph detection theory, and parallel processing middleware. Prior to coming to Lincoln Laboratory, he worked at CAE Ltd. on flight simulators and then at Sperry, where he developed naval command and control applications.

Mr. Bond joined Lincoln Laboratory in 1987. In his first assignment, he was responsible for the development of the software architecture and later the radar system integration of the Mountaintop radar, a follow-on to the Radar Surveillance Technology Experimental Radar (RSTER). In the early 1990s, he conducted seminal studies to evaluate the use of massively parallel processors (MPP) for real-time signal and image processing. Later, he led the development of a 1000-processor MPP for radar space-time adaptive processing and a custom VLSI processor for high-throughput radar signal processing. In 2001, he led a team in the development of the Parallel Vector Library, a novel middleware technology for portable and scalable high-performance parallel signal processors. In 2003, he was one of two researchers to receive the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Technical Excellence Award for his "technical vision and leadership in the application of high-performance embedded processing architectures to real-time digital signal processing systems."

Recently, Mr. Bond has been involved in research into complex systems, open systems architectures, cloud and grid computing, graph and network-based algorithms, and advanced computing technologies.

He earned a BS degree (honors) in physics from Queen's University, Ontario, Canada in 1978.


Peter Boyce, General Catalyst

Peter Boyce joined General Catalyst in 2013 where he focused on making early stage investments & worked closely with portfolio companies including: Cadre, Major League Hacking, Mark43, Outdoor Voices, Ro, and Rebag. Other investments he has supported include Circle, Freebird, Giphy, (acquired by Walmart), and Workflow (acquired by Apple).

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In addition, Peter co-founded & oversaw Rough Draft Ventures, through which General Catalyst invests in promising university entrepreneurs. With a portfolio of over 100 startups backed on college campuses, RDV has expanded access to capital and mentorship for student entrepreneurs across the country. Peter has found it incredibly rewarding to work with first-time CEOs as he is passionate about empowering high-potential founders early in their careers.

Peter graduated from Harvard College with an A.B. in Applied Mathematics and Secondary in Computer Science. While on campus, he co-founded Harvard Ventures & HackHarvard: two student-led organizations that build community around engineers and future founders. I grew up in NYC and am a proud alum of Stuyvesant High School.


Lana Caron, Philips

Lana Caron is a health tech executive, innovative business leader and entrepreneur with an established track record of success launching new ventures, raising capital, and expanding business into new markets. She has been helping startups and large multinationals develop plans and accelerate business growth for over 15 years. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and impacted organizations around the world. Lana consults, teaches and writes in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing and strategy.

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She is currently Innovation Lead at Philips Healthworks, an award-winning venture accelerator at Philips – the only company in the world that truly operates in both the personal health and professional healthcare markets. Prior to joining Philips Healthworks, Lana was an independent startup advisor and innovation consultant working with health tech, connected health and digital health companies across the healthcare continuum. Earlier in her career, Lana held senior leadership roles as VP of Sales & Marketing for a digital learning startup, Director of Corporate Development at Sensata Technologies (formerly Texas Instruments) and Manager of Strategy & Business Development at Philips Healthcare, where she led strategic and operational initiatives for multi-billion dollar portfolios. Lana started her career in management consulting with Accenture after earning her MBA, Masters’ Degree in Education and CPA. She is an avid supporter of the Boston innovation community, and currently teaches and mentors entrepreneurs at local universities and accelerators.


Agustín Delgado Martín, Iberdrola

Dr. Agustín Delgado Martín serves as the Director of Innovation for Iberdrola, S.A. In this role, Dr. Delgado is responsible for developing processes of R&D management, the knowledge management system and coordination of systems and environmental and quality initiatives across all business units of the Iberdrola, S.A. Group. Agustín is also responsible for the venture capital program of IBERDROLA (PERSEO) where he coordinates investment in technology companies related to energy sustainability.

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Previously he was Director of Technology Innovation Group and prior to his arrival in Iberdrola he was responsible for the R&D department of a small company working in the field of hydrogen generation and usage through fuel cells with relationships with research centers and universities across Europe. He served as a Director of Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica S.A. 

Dr. Delgado holds an Industrial Engineering degree from the Escuela Superior Industrial (ICAI) of Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid. He also holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a distancia (UNED). He took part in the School of Management program designed specifically for Iberdrola by IESE, and participated in the Global Leadership Programme at IMD.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 1.51.36 PM.png

GETTYLAB Selected representative

GETTYLAB helps engineers and scientists in the U.S. and Germany build transformative new tools


Jamie Goldstein ’89, Pillar

Jamie Goldstein is an experienced founder and investor in early stage companies. His interests are diverse and include data center infrastructure, wired and wireless communications technologies, and enterprise software. As an investor, Jamie believes that the best way to build successful companies is to be an active contributor from the beginning—at inception.

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Jamie has been an investing partner for 18 years at North Bridge Venture Partners headquartered in Waltham, MA and has been instrumental in the formation and successful growth of many companies. Active investments include, Actifio (copy data virtualization), Plexxi (simplified data networking), Layer3 TV (next-generation cable), QD Vision (quantum dot display materials), and O3b Networks (international satellite company providing internet and mobile capability to billions of people in more than 180 countries). Jamie is also an active individual investor. His most recent notable investments include DipJar and Desktop Metal.

As part of his professional entrepreneurial success story, Jamie co-founded PureSpeech, a venture-backed speech recognition software and applications company targeting service providers and enterprise call centers. Jamie served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, driving revenue through OEM relationships with leading PC manufacturers and voice services platform providers. PureSpeech was acquired by Voice Control Systems [NASDAQ: VCSI] and subsequently sold to Nuance [NASDAQ: NUAN]. During business school, he co-founded WattsUp?, a company selling consumer electricity meters that remains in business today.

Jamie grew up in the Boston area and is a graduate of MIT in Electrical Engineering and the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. He served as both Chairman and President of the New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) and served as Chairman and is currently Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Match Education, a leading charter school and innovative education reform organization. Jamie is also actively involved in the MIT Deshpande Center for Innovation and he serves as a member of the Verizon 5G forum. He is the co-founder and featured speaker of StartMIT, the boot camp for MIT student entrepreneurs.

Jamie is an avid skier, snow boarder, and mountain biker and spends his weekends chasing his three boys around various athletic fields.


KRS Jamwal, Tulco

KRS Jamwal is executive director, Tata Industries, and is responsible for the incubation of new ventures, as well as investments made by Tata Industries in new businesses and start-ups. Mr Jamwal is on the board of three other Tata companies – Advinus Therapeutics, where he serves as chairman of the board, Tata Advanced Materials, and Tata UniStore. He is also a member on the board of Flisom AG and Apex Investments (Mauritius) Holding.

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His previous assignment was as vice president, strategy, Group Corporate Centre, Tata Sons. His role involved assisting Ratan Tata, the then Chairman of Tata Sons, on strategy-related matters concerning Tata companies, and supporting him on special assignments such as the Investment Commission (2005-2009) and the US-India and UK-India CEO Forums.

Mr Jamwal started his career with TAS (formerly known Tata Administrative Service) in 1989. His initial assignments included project management for setting up new hotels and flight catering units, with subsequent responsibilities relating to strategic planning and mergers and acquisitions for the Taj group of hotels. He has a bachelor’s degree in technology in petroleum engineering from the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, and was awarded the scholastic gold medal and the best student shield. He is a post graduate in management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, where he was awarded the scholastic gold medal and the KV Srinivas Award for the best all-rounder.


Ross Leav, Presidio Ventures (Sumitomo)

Ross Leav graduated Tufts University in 1992 with a BA (cum laude) in International Relations/Economics and concentration on Japanese. After graduation, Ross moved to Wakayama, Japan for two years to serve as a Coordinator for International Relations under the Japanese National Ministry of Education (Monbusho). Upon returning to the States, Ross joined the Center for Business Intelligence, a global research firm serving the international power generation and distribution industry.

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 In 1997 Ross entered the Sumitomo group, as head of the Boston office of Sumitronics, Inc., a Sumitomo subsidiary at the time, in charge of discovering and developing strategic business opportunities with US high-tech startups. Since then, Ross has served as the head of Boston operations for Sumitomo’s strategic CVC as it has evolved to become what is known today as Presidio-Ventures, Inc. Ross has a passion for discovering new technology to solve real world problems and for fostering understanding among people of differing cultures and views. In his spare time, Ross enjoys practicing karate, skiing, disc golf and following current affairs.


Amir Nashat SCD '03, Polaris

Amir Nashat is a Managing Partner in the Polaris Partners, LLC Boston office. He joined Polaris in 2002 and focuses on investments in healthcare.

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Amir also serves on the Partners Innovation Fund, the Investment Advisory Committee for The Engine at MIT, and helped launch the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund, where he serves as its active president.

He previously served on the Board of the New England Venture Capital Association. He has been named to the Forbes Midas List of “Top 100 Venture Capitalists.”

Prior to joining Polaris, Amir completed his PhD as a Hertz Fellow in Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a minor in Biology under the guidance of Dr. Robert Langer. Amir also earned both his MS and BS in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.


Daniel Raskas, Danaher

Mr. Raskas is the Senior Vice President, Corporate Development for Danaher Corporation and has been with Danaher since 2004. He manages a corporate team of M&A professionals.

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His team is responsible for all aspects of M&A and investment activity, including identification, valuation, due diligence, contract strategy and negotiations.

Prior to coming to Danaher, Mr. Raskas was a partner at Thayer Capital Partners, a private equity firm based in Washington DC focused on buyout and growth equity investments in the middle market. Preceding his time at Thayer Capital Partners, Mr. Raskas was an M&A attorney at Arnold and Porter.

Mr. Raskas has a JD from Harvard Law School and a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University.

Rosnov headshot.jpg

Brian Rosnov MBA ’14, Philips

Brian Rosnov is co-Founder and leader of external venturing activities at Philips HealthWorks in North America.  Philips HealthWorks is a global seed+ stage community engagement program and venture capital fund seeking to partner and invest in the world's best founders pursuing breakthrough innovations with the potential to solve the world’s toughest health challenges and which are aligned with the strategy and mission of Philips.  In his role, Brian’s responsibilities include investment strategy, opportunity selection and funnel management, program and deal execution, portfolio management, global partnership development, and community creation and management.

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For nearly 20 years Rosnov has served in various business executive and innovation roles for Philips within the Boston medtech and digital health community.  Prior to the creation of Philips HealthWorks, Rosnov served for nearly a decade as both General Manager and head of Research & Development for Philips Telemetry and Wireless Solutions business based in Andover, MA, where he led the Philips IntelliVue portfolio of in-hospital wearable monitoring and connected health solutions to its current global leadership position and enabling high quality care for millions of critically ill patients annually. Over the course of his career at Philips, Rosnov has also been awarded several patents, and in 2012, he was awarded the “CEO Innovation Award” by Philips in recognition of his efforts to deliver breakthrough innovations to the global healthcare industry.

Prior to joining Philips, Rosnov was a Principal at Envoy Networks, a venture-backed, intelligent cellular radio company, which was acquired by Texas Instruments in 2002, and held various technical leadership roles at Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies.

Rosnov earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Cornell University and was awarded Cornell’s National Scholar Award. He received his Master of Business Administration from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Rosnov, his wife Kelley, and their 5 children are life-long residents of Massachusetts and enjoy supporting in a variety of social and community organizations in greater Boston.  Rosnov is also an active advisor to early stage founders in the Boston community, across a variety of industries.


Adam C. Siegel, Amazon

Adam C. Siegel is a serial entrepreneur who has spent the past 10 years building new companies at the interface of technology and healthcare.  He is an advocate of the “lean startup” methodology, an approach that uses early customer engagement and hypothesis-driven product development to help small and large companies innovate more efficiently.  His areas of expertise include mobile computing (wearables), sensor technology, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products.

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Siegel is currently the CEO of Skye Inc., a startup company focused on pelvic health.  Prior to Skye, he worked at Google [x], where he designed needs assessments and business development for new projects, including Google Glass and the Smart Contact Lens.  Adam also worked as a management consultant for Booz & Company (now PwC) in Germany and the US, serving Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare and consumer products industries.

Prior to industry, he was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow at Harvard University, where, as a member of the George Whitesides Group, he co-invented the founding technologies of Claros Diagnostics (acquired by Opko in 2011) and the nonprofit startup Diagnostics-for-All.  He has a B.S. in electrical engineering summa cum laude from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard University.


H.B. Siegel, Amazon

H.B. Siegel leads Amazon's Department of Ideas. As Minister of Ideas he manages several internal and external innovation exploration initiatives. H.B. started his career as an early Pixar employee for working on software for Pixar’s animated movies.  After that he joined Wavefront as Director of Animation & Rendering in Santa Barbara, which generated the foundational technologies for MAYA. H.B. served as Director of Rendering for SGI producing software for high-end computer graphics.

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He then joined Lucasfilm as CTO for Industrial Light and Magic & Skywalker Sound working on dozens of films incorporating visual effects including Star Wars 1. H.B. moved to Amazon to found Amazon’s digital initiatives launching SearchInside, eBooks, digital music and video, and Amazon's digital library. He later joined Amazon’s as CTO. He has ~60 patents issued.


Michael Sierra, LEO Pharma

Michael Sierra, Ph.D. is currently Vice President of LEO Science & Tech Hub Cambridge (USA) which is a R&D innovation unit of LEO Pharma. Dr. Sierra is leading the hubs activities in identifying, developing, and funding innovative solutions within Dermatology. Dr. Sierra’s aspirations are to identify and connect the dots between different technologies that will enable precision medicine in Dermatology. He established the hub in 2016 as a catalyst to transform early-stage innovations into solutions.

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Prior to this position, Dr. Sierra was responsible for setting up with R&D externalization global platform for LEO Pharma.  He has held various positions at LEO including Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Director of Chemical Research, Director of External Discovery and Executive Director of Translational Research at LEO Pharma (Denmark). Before that, Dr.Sierra worked 10 years at GlaxoSmithKline’s Centre de Recherche, Les Ulis (France) and the biotech, CareX, Strasbourg (France) as Head of Chemistry. He received his BS in chemistry from Ohio Northern University (USA), his Ph.D. in chemistry at Wayne State University (USA) and held a 2 year post doctoral position at Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau (France). He has 25 years of drug discovery experience in the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases as well as inflammation and dermatology with the identification of 18 clinical candidates.


Mostafa Terrab MS ’82, PhD ’90, OCP Group

Mostafa Terrab serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of S.A OCP and served as its President. Mr. Terrab serves as the President and Director General/General Manager of OCP Group. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Prayon S.A. Mr. Terrab held positions with Bechtel Civil and Minerals Inc. from 1983 to 1985 in San Fransisco, California, as an Analyst in transportation systems, responsible for planning studies concerning the project to build the Damman international airport (Saudi Arabia) and as a Member of the team in charge of economic studies connected with the fixed link project across the Strait of Gibraltar.

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From September 1989 to July 1993, he was a Consultant of Draper Laboratory, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since 1992, Mr. Terrab served Chargé de Mission in the Royal Cabinet. In 1995, he was Secretary General of the Executive Secretariat of the Middle East/North Africa Economic Summit. Since February 9, 1998, he served as Director General of National Telecommunication Regulatory Agency (ANRT), before leading World Bank’s Information for Development (infoDev) program and served as Lead Regulatory Specialist from April 2002 to February 2006. He serves as a Director of Banque Centrale Populaire SA.

He serves as a Director of Institut français des relations internationales. He served as a Director of Prayon S.A. From September 1986 to August 1989, he was an Assistant Professor in MIT and at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, in the Department of Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering from 1990 to 1992.

From April 1996 to July 1999, he was a Member of ‘Think Tank’ set up by the late king H.M. Hassan II. In 1988, Mr. Terrab received the Frederick C. Hennie III Award for his outstanding contribution to the teaching programme of the MIT Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Mr. Terrab received an M.S. in 1982 and a Ph.D. in Operations Research in 1990 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA. He received an Engineering Diploma from the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris, France in 1979.


Previous Funding Board Members


Haejin Baek ’86

Ms. Baek is a principal of Eightfold Real Estate Capital. She has more than 26 years of experience in capital markets specializing in mortgage-backed securities, both residential and commercial. Prior to joining Eightfold, Ms. Baek served for 8 years as a Managing Director at Barclays Capital, where she ran the Real Estate Capital Markets Group. Her group was responsible for originating, structuring, distributing, and securitizing commercial real estate backed loans.

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During her tenure at Barclays, some of the notable deals closed included the financing of the tallest office building in Latin America; the first inclusion of a non-U.S. loan in a REMIC transaction; the financing of a Manhattan trophy office building with a total capitalization over $1.8 billion structured as a first mortgage, mezzanine debt, and subordinate mezzanine debt, which was the largest single property financing at that time; and a securitization of land loans.

Prior to joining Barclays, Ms. Baek ran the CMBS trading desks at Deutsche Bank, Nomura Securities, Lehman Brothers, and Bear Stearns.

Ms. Baek received her MBA from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA. She also holds two Bachelor of Science degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Larry Bohn, General Catalyst

Larry is one of the top venture capitalists on the East Coast. As a Managing Director of General Catalyst Partners, Larry has led investments in Demandware, Kayak, Goodata, BigCommerce, and Visible Measures, and is a thought leader in new and existing technology investments.

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Prior to joining General Catalyst, Larry served in leading roles at NetGenesis, a market leading software and analytic solutions provider; PC DOCS, Inc., a leading developer of document management software for enterprise networks; and Interleaf, Inc., a top provider of electronic publishing solutions.

Larry has spoken at leading industry events and has been a guest lecturer at Harvard, Stanford, and the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He was also a founder and the first president of OASIS, the industry consortium promoting XML adoption. Larry is an honors graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and holds a masters of arts degree in Linguistics from Clark University.


Nathan C. Fitzpatrick, General Motors

Nathan C. Fitzpatrick serves as the Director of Innovation at General Motors. In this role, Nate leads the different tracks of formal innovation happening within the walls of General Motors, and cultivates collaborative relationships internally and externally. He is responsible for the relaunch of how innovation works at GM. Nate has built a team that is capable of turning any napkin sketch into an exhaustively explored concept and fully functioning prototype, and ultimately manifesting it onto GM’s products. Most importantly, Nate has enabled this team to move faster than ever.

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In addition, Nate holds responsibility for iHub - GM’s open innovation platform for new product, process, and business ideas, inside and outside of GM. iHub was founded in 2016 to inspire and empower innovation by crowdsourcing solutions, incubating ideas, and consulting. 

Nate began his career at GM in 1984 at the Pontiac Motor division. Through his various roles in product engineering and manufacturing, Nate has worked to bring more collaboration and communication to all parts of the business. Arguably, his greatest achievement before his current position, was the execution of the two generations of the Chevrolet Volt, GM’s pioneering plug-in hybrid. It is not uncommon to hear Nate say that he “bleeds electrons”. 

Nate holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical/Marine Engineering from the State University of New York Maritime Academy.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.47.15 AM.png

Lawrence C. Lee, Xerox

Lawrence Lee is Vice President of Incubation and Strategy for Xerox’s Research & Development organization, where he is responsible for the incubation of new products and services from ideation to commercialization. He also leads technology strategy to ensure that Xerox is investing in the right set of technologies, intellectual property, and partnerships to deliver the existing product portfolio as well as capture new business opportunities.

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Lee specializes in commercializing new technologies that enable disruptive innovation. He was previously Senior Director of Strategy at PARC, a Xerox Company, where he led strategy and portfolio management to create new growth options for Xerox and PARC’s commercial clients. He also managed PARC’s strategic relationship with Xerox, including the delivery of innovations and IP that led to new commercial offerings for Xerox’s services business in transportation, state and local government, healthcare, and customer care.

Prior to joining PARC, Lee served in leadership roles for two software startups. He co-founded Zoundry LLC, one of the first social commerce web services that connected bloggers with online retailers, and he was Vice President of Business Development at Mirror Worlds Technologies, Inc., an enterprise and desktop search company that pioneered social information streams in the late 1990s.

Earlier in his career, Lee worked in economic development in Philadelphia and invested in social ventures at CoreStates Bank. He holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and joint bachelor degrees from Wharton and the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania.


Steve Hoover, Xerox

Steve Hoover is the chief technology officer for Xerox Corporation. Steve is responsible for the global research, development, and engineering organizations that deliver Xerox’s award-winning products and services to the market. In this role, Steve is committed to driving innovation across the company, enabling expansion into new growth markets, and creating more value for Xerox’s customers and partners.

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Previously Steve was the CEO of PARC, A Xerox Company, where he helped broaden the research and innovation agenda to support an ever-changing technology landscape including advancements in IoT, analytics, healthcare, transportation, energy and digital manufacturing. As PARC CEO for six years, Steve helped PARC not only develop highly relevant innovations for Xerox, but also transitioned PARC to be a leader in open innovation while creating multiple strategic innovation partnerships and collaborations.  

Steve earned his Ph.D. and Masters of Science from Carnegie Mellon University as an AT&T Bell Labs fellow and a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University. He has seven patents. 

Hoover serves on the Dean’s advisory council of the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and has served on the Board of Directors for the Rochester Museum and Science Center, including leading its K-12 STEM Education Task Force; and has been a regional Board Member of FIRST Robotics, an organization which inspires young science, technology, and engineering leaders through mentor-based programs.


Mick Mountz ’87

Mick Mountz, CEO and Founder, Kiva Systems. Kiva’s order-fulfillment solution deploys thousands of mobile robots into ecommerce pick-pack-and-ship fulfillment centers, tripling productivity, while simultaneously increasing the speed, accuracy and flexibility of the operation.

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Mick founded Kiva in January 2003 after spending time in high-tech product development, manufacturing and marketing at Motorola, Apple, and Webvan.

In 2009 under Mick’s leadership Kiva was ranked #6 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in America, and in 2012 Fast Company recognized Kiva as the 23rd Most Innovative Company in the World. That same year, acquired Kiva for $775M.

Mick holds over 30 U.S. technology patents. He earned a BS in mechanical engineering from MIT and an MBA from Harvard.

Vijay Ullal Photo.png

Vijay Ullal

Vijay Ullal’s life’s journey has been contrarian from its outset. He was born into a family of lawyers and was expected to continue the tradition in India; Instead he decided to do engineering and move to the US. After school, he switched fields entirely from chemical engineering to electronics.

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By choosing the path less travelled, Vijay has had the privilege of leading technology development, operations and business units at companies like Maxim, from early start-up days to a company with a $10B market cap, and Fairchild, the founding company of the Silicon Valley. He led operations, business units, and entire companies at every stage of a company’s life cycle.

Through it all, his first loves have remained the same: new technology, new products and growing things from zero to one. The transition to investing in early stage companies has been natural – nothing short of a perfect fit.