Below are links to documents that will help you understand what MIT Sandbox expects of participants.

Starting from your initial interest in the program, here’s what you can expect for your experience with Sandbox.


  • Learn about MIT Sandbox by attending an info session.
  • Apply to Sandbox for the $1K, $5K, or $25K awards
    • A new application cycle will be announced in late fall.
  • Pitch to the Funding Board: If you have been asked to present to the Funding Board, you will have to give a pitch. Check out the Sandbox Commkit for tips on knowing your audience, and how best to prepare. You will be required to attend a feedback session with a Sandbox Mentor prior to giving your pitch.



  •  Attend a kick-off meeting: One of your teammates MUST attend one of the kick-off meetings in order to hear about program expectations and to learn how to get started using your funds.
  • Get matched with Sandbox Fellows and Mentors: Each team will have a particular Sandbox Fellow and a Sandbox Mentor to help optimize the experience with advice, coaching, and support.  While participants are welcome to take advantage of the wide spectrum of resources available to them through the program, each team is required to meet with their Fellow/mentor team once a month for group activities, which will consist of approximately five Sandbox teams.
  • Attend an Initial Mentor Meeting: Each team will meet with their Mentor within the first few weeks in Sandbox in order to review the budget and set up some milestones and goals. Your Sandbox Fellow will be at this meeting as well. Here are the MIT Sandbox Initial Mentor Meeting Guidelines to help you prepare and make the most of this opportunity.
  • Meet and report monthly:  In order to help you reach your milestones, troubleshoot, and learn about resources, it is expected that teams meet with their Fellow/mentor team once a month. Teams will produce a brief monthly report with this template. You can find resources on how to use the monthly report in the CommKit, as well as models of monthly reports to help you get started.  While not required, you are encouraged to fill out a weekly report as well. Monthly and weekly reports are submitted through Dropbox.
  • Attend monthly group activities: Each team will attend 3-4 group activities that are hosted by their Mentor and Fellow for approximately five groups at a time. The purpose of these activities to help teams learn from each other, who are going through similar experiences.
  • Make a poster: As the culmination to the funding round, each team will make a poster that will be showcased at the upcoming Funding Board meeting. Here are guidelines for the posters as well as resources, in the CommKit, to help get started. Teams may also want to check out the elevator pitch page in the CommKit to learn how to engage with the audience effectively at the poster session.


  • Apply for more funding: Teams may realize that they have just hit the ground running and they need more funding to keep going. Teams are encouraged to use the Fellows and Mentors to figure out what they need to get to the next milestone, and apply for additional funding.